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A Comprehensive Offering

If you are looking for more in your employee benefits plan, look no further. We have insurance products and services all under one roof. For a sampling, click below.

Choosing An Advisor
When shopping for an employee benefits advisor, focus on three areas: strategy, service and execution.
Commercial Energy Solutions
Looking for energy deregulation help? Contact our partners at OnDemand Energy at 1-866-699-9968.
Dental Benefits Summaries
Employees value quality dental coverage. For affordable and comprehensive options, click here.
Healthcare Benefits Summaries
Health insurance is among your top three expenses. Be sure the coverage you buy is what you need.
Hidden Paycheck
Ways employers can cut healthcare costs and help employees uncover their hidden paycheck.
How to use Highmark's Care Cost Estimator
Learn how to use Highmark's Care Cost Estimator by watching this brief video.

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